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If you are ready to start your own business, franchising can be a great opportunity!  Like all opportunities, good due diligence in the beginning can be the difference between a strong, successful foundation and failure.  Let us help you.


Let us review your franchise disclosure document and franchise agreement.  Our review includes a memo that details the critical terms, potential land mines, and opportunities for negotiation.  Our report includes examination of critical areas such as:

  • Your Obligations
  • The Franchisor’s Obligations
  • Territorial Rights
  • Protection from Same Brand Competition
  • Sale and Transfer Restrictions
  • Covenants Not to Compete or Solicit
  • Dispute Resolution Provisions

Allow us to help you understand your rights and obligations before making the long-term commitment of becoming a franchisee.  We work to help save you time and avoid common issues in franchise agreements before they affect your business.

Our flat fee for this review is $2100.00.  We provide a flat fee to provide you the security of knowing exactly the cost of these services.


We advise our franchisee clients to create a legal entity before signing a franchise agreement.  Use your legal entity to limit your personal liability.  Further, having your legal entity in advance, will allow you execute your franchise documents, leases, and other start-up agreements in the correct name from the beginning without trying to later make assignments.



Unless you opt for a home-based business, you will need a location.  Our real estate experts review and negotiate dozens of leases annually.  With our assistance, you can negotiate some of the more onerous terms often contained in commercial leases to something more reasonable.  Because we understand current real estate market conditions, we can advise you opportunities for negotiating other deal points and matters of liability, as well.



For a variety of legal reasons, your franchisor may not provide employee handbooks, policies, and other information to you; and often the documents they do provide include a caveat to have them reviewed by your local attorney.  We are your local attorney.  Employees are important to your business.  We provide employment advice on an as-needed basis and draft or review employment policies and handbooks.



At their core, franchises are small businesses.  We understand that from time to time you will need legal advice on a variety of matters, and we want to provide that support.  You do not need to be a client with large monthly legal needs to be important to us.  We provide the help you need, when you need it; and we will work to support you, your business, and your growth.

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  • New Entity Formation
  • Franchise Disputes and Litigation
  • Franchise Agreement Terminations
  • Retail & Commercial Lease Negotiation
  • Buying or Selling an Existing Franchise
  • Private Equity Acquisitions

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