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Employees are the foundation of your business.  Employers value their employees, but  employing people is not easy or simple.  Human resource issues can be complicated and confusing.  State and Federal regulations governing the way employees are hired, managed, disciplined, and terminated are complex and constantly evolving. These laws affect business in different way depending on size and industry.  Businesses need employment policies, training programs, and everyday practices to be in compliance – or risk costly lawsuits. Our employment law practice emphasizes preventive counseling to minimize liability and potential risk for employers. 

Engaging the right legal partner in developing a proactive approach to employment issues can help define a culture for successful personnel management. 

Workplace Discrimination and Harassment.

We are committed to promoting discrimination and harassment free work environments.   We are also committed to the belief that employers have an equal right to be protected from unsubstantiated and frivolous discrimination and harassment claims.  Despite the best efforts of conscientious employers to comply with the law and to treat employees fairly, problems may still arise.  For employees who have experienced discrimination or harassment we will ensure that your case is thoroughly investigated and fairly resolved.  For employers who have been victimized by reckless or frivolous employee claims, we will provide a vigorous defense.

Protecting Trade Secrets and Defending Restrictive Covenants.

Issues arising when employees misappropriate company confidential information and trade secrets can be devastating.  Often times quick action is the only way to protect your business information from being transferred or sold to a competitor.  Another significant issue may be the enforcement of contractual covenants not to compete or solicit.  These types of agreements must be reasonable and signed by the employee against whom enforcement is sought, but they are enforceable.  Covenants restricting a former employee from competing in certain ways or restricting a former employee from soliciting the company’s existing customers or employees are generally enforceable and often times a company can obtain a temporary restraining order or temporary injunction to stop this type of activity.  

We work closely with businesses as they experience business and workforce change. We evaluate these situations from a variety of perspectives and can provide thorough and efficient legal counseling to help address the issues.  We also have significant experience in obtaining restraining orders and injunctions to protect trade secrets and enforce restrictive covenants.


  • Age Discrimination
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Disabilities Issues
  • Employee Benefits (Including Healthcare and Retirement)
  • Employee Discipline
  • Executive Contracts and Commission Disputes
  • Family and Medical Leave Requirements
  • Health and Safety Requirements
  • Hiring Discrimination
  • Independent Contractor Status
  • Military Leave
  • Non-compete Agreements
  • Overtime Pay
  • Personnel Policy and Procedure Manuals/Handbooks
  • Privacy Rights Issues for Employee Files and Performance Reviews
  • Texas Workforce Commission Unemployment Benefits
  • Separation Agreements (Including Covenants Not to Compete)
  • Wrongful Termination

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