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Government contracting is a complicated and potentially lucrative business.  Federal government contracting is very different from private party contracting, and it is vital that government contractors recognize these nuanced differences or risk making costly mistakes that prevent them from seizing available opportunities.  The contracting process begins with understanding how the system works and using that knowledge to the contractor’s advantage.  Our experience working with the various governmental contracting agencies provides us the insight necessary to navigate the many regulatory requirements.  When it comes to government contracting, technical compliance is critical.

The services we generally provide our government contracting clients include providing expert legal advice, acquisitions, the procurement process, mentor-protégé programs, contract administration and novation, compliance, and employment matters.


  • Mentor/Protege Agreements
  • Joint Ventures
  • Contract Negotiations and Novations
  • Minority/WBE/HUB/Veteran Certifications
  • Entity Formation and Compliant Operating Agreements
  • Regulatory and Statutory Guidance
  • Contract Disputes

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